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Family Events Made Extra Special

Wedding / Proposal

Grandma's Mariachi Wedding Dad's Surprise Special Events


A La Mariachi


" ...I think maybe I could learn something from both of these guys"
Pelao with his violin

Mariachi At My Wedding

All-Female Mariachi


The Best Wedding Proposal  

Natalie & Rosendo


Mariachi For Your Wedding or Proposal 

Free Quote


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Mariachi Wedding Reception / Park 

Xander & Sara's



Santa Cecilia
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...on a budget?
Family Event
Made Better
Chicken Fajitas

Family, Friends,
Food & Music



El Mariachi Loco Motion

Alejandro & Mirna Wedding


Hernandez Wedding


"I like that one
with the train"


Pelao w/right hand up


Free Quote

Pre Wedding Party with Mariachi?



"...this girl deserves
an award. She's got some beautiful lungs."


Pelao with academe award

Dancing with Mariachi

Wedding of Ruth & Ben


Mariachi Serenade Before Wedding

Thom & Molly



 Wedding Budget?

Call Armando / Catering Help!

Santa Cecilia 
images of santa-cecilia-restaurant logo 
Restaurant & Catering

1707 Mariachi Plaza,
Boyle Heights, LA, Ca. 90033

Chicken Fajitas
Chicken Fajitas

Any Occassion
Made Better

Beef Fajitas Combo
Beef Fajitas


See Our Menu -


"Let Armando help with your budget & your catering 

Pelao w/right hand up
...he'll make it feel better
and taste better"


Yelp Review



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