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Santa Cecilia
Restaurant / Catering 


Santa Cecilia
Restaurant / Catering

Authentic Mexican Food
Est. 1995

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Authentic Mexican Food


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LA Weekly - Santa Cecilia Restaurant "Wonderful As Ever"



1707 Mariachi Plaza
Boyle Heights,

LA CA. 90033 
(323) 980-0716

Daily 9am - 9pm


Our restaurant is located in Los Angeles, Ca. in Boyle Height's Historic Mariachi Plaza. We offer delicious Mexican food for Dine-in, take-out, or catered at your site.   Gracias, Armando Salazar

The restaurant  faces the square which is called Mariachi Plaza.

sculpture of Santa Cecilia

The kiosk in the square is topped with a small sculpture of Santa Cecilia.

  Restaurant Santa Cecilia is named after the patron saint of musicians. 

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The soups are homemade daily from the freshest ingredients. Tortillas are made by hand. Enchiladas, mole, salsas and sauces are all homemade at the restaurant.
All food is prepared on order.

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Guisado de Pollo

Chicken and red potatoes with tomatoes and onion in a light, mild broth

Beef Barbacoa
Make with beef and a rich sauce that tastes of red chiles, cumin, cloves, garlic and has a distinct tang of vinegar
A great sandwich, filled with carne asada, onion, tomato, cilantro, lettuce and a slice of avocado, and packed for takeout with radishes, a lime wedge and a container of hot sauce.
Señorial Sangría
Restaurant Santa Cecilia
Tortillas Hechas a Mano
Tortillas Hechas a Mano
Order To-Go

Authentic Home-Style Mexican Food

Caldos (soups)
Chicken or beef with vegetables in clear broth
Carne Con Nopales
Big chunks of beef with strips of cactus and onion in a sauce slightly reddened by dried California chiles
Chile Verde
 Made with beef, has a tomatillo sauce spicy with jalapeños and strips of fresh-roasted California chile.


pork ribs in tomato-jalapeño salsa
Jarritos Tamarindo

Plates include plain boiled beans and orange rice, each fresh, light and very good.
The house salsa is a spicy blend of árbol chiles and tomatillos.


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Chef Armando & Crew

For more info about our catering services please call  

(323) 630-5975

Catering Menu


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Certificate of Recognition

On behalf of the 14th council district, I extend this certificate in recognition of your invaluable contribution and continued commitment to the economic vitality of our local communities. For your dedication towards serving authentic Mexican food and providing the beautiful sounds of mariachi music for over 10 years in the community of Boyle Heights. Best wishes on your continued success.


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Contact Us

Santa Cecilia Restaurant Chef / Owner
1707 Mariachi Plaza Armando Salazar
Boyle Heights, LA, CA. 90033  Cell (323) 630-5975
 Restaurant # 
(323) 980-0716 Crew : Lilly, Juan, Mercedes


Bienvenidos – Welcome



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