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Family Events Made Extra Special

Grand / Dad's  B-Day

Grandma's Mariachi Wedding Dad's Surprise Special Events

Mariachi Band

For Dad


Pelao pointing

"these guys get a lot of hugs! looks like they loved everyone"



Papá no sabe qué sorpresa le espera



Mariachi Surprise At The Park  



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Mariachi Mañanitas 

Dad's 64th birthday


Surprise Mariachi  

Tío Esteban 70th B-Day


" ...he reminds me
of my dad"
Pelao hands down



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Pelao w/hat

"Our uncle calmed down after we gave him a big plate of beef fajitas with rice and beans."


Veronica's Birthday Surprise 

Drunk Uncle





Santa Cecilia 
Restaurant & Catering

images of santa-cecilia-restaurant logo 

1707 Mariachi Plaza,
Boyle Heights, LA, Ca. 90033

...right on Mariachi Plaza

Chicken Fajitas
Chicken Fajitas

Special Events 
To Your Order

Beef Fajitas Combo
Beef Fajitas


...on a budget? Call Armando

for any event type

My Grand Father's / Dad's B-Day 


Call Armando For An Economical, Tasty & Satisfying Way To Help With Dads Special Day

Yelp Review

Santa Cecilia 
Restaurant & Catering

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